New building for GWS Tech

A lot has happened on the GWS construction site in recent weeks and slowly you can imagine what the whole thing should look like later. On the street, the office complex is being built, which could already be bricked up to the upper floor. The weather was fine so the work progressed quickly and the construction team was able to take full advantage of the days. Preparations for the electrical installation, which is being taken over by GWS itself, are also already in full swing. The foundations have already been cast for the hall that is being built behind the office complex. Next comes the construction of the steel scaffolding, the cladding will not take place until February. After the steel scaffolding has been created, work will continue inside the hall. In addition, the reinforced concrete ceiling for the office complex will be poured in December – depending on the weather conditions. So there is still work to be done and we hope the weather continues to play along so well.