ADAC driving safety training for administration

According to the technical department, the administration also completed driving safety training at the ADAC in Grevenbroich on September 3rd. A short presentation round, some hints about the process as well as a short theory part and already it took to the track for the 11-member team. There, the settings of the seat, mirror etc. were first checked before the first exercises such as slalom, brakes on wet road were done – of course always under the strict eyes of the trainer, who always has hints and tips to the participants.
Well informed thanks to another part of the theory, the more demanding exercises long awaited by many participants followed. Driving around the bend or driving over a moving plate, som eof the participants car reached their limits. But with the coach’s behavioural tips, everyone got better from time to time and so the contestants showed satisfaction with what they learned at the final meeting. We hope that all participants will be able to implement the many tips on future road journeys.