BodAS / BomAS

BodAS (Documentation System)

  • Automatic documentation of all screw connections in the force flow
  • Transmission of the datas by radio (2.4 GHz)
  • Evaluation of data via Windows (Printable)
  • Usable for bolt tensioners as well as for torque tools
  • Bidirectional data transfer possible
  • Control of the aggregates with the corresponding PDA

BomAS (Monitoring System)

  • Measuring physical sizes with Wireless Sensors
  • Easy and quick to be configured Windows Software
  • Wireless (no tripping)
  • Ability to control the customers PLC
  • Measurement of rotating components possible
  • Configurable refresh interval (up to 4 times per second)
  • Output of warnings
  • Real-time data collection and export of data as CVS in real-time