Electric hydraulic power unit / Power unit for tensioning devices

Our electrical hydraulic power units produce a very high flow rate at operation pressures up to 2500 bar. The electro-hydraulic power units are available for several voltages and in different power configurations. Due to the considerable greater flow rate in comparison to the hand-lever and air-hydraulic pumps, these power units are mainly used for quick pressure generation or delivery of greater oil capacity.

Apart from bolt tensioning devices these power units are also used for mounting and dismounting of shaft/hub connections. For build-up and release pressure the pumps are controlled by the press of a button – wired pendant control or wireless!

Standard design

  • Motor 230V/50Hz- 1,5 kW
  • Pressure 1600 bar
  • Flow rate 0,9l/min
  • Tankvolume 4 liter
  • Support frame with swivel stop ring and ergonomical carrying rings
  • 2 Outletports with couplings
  • Wired remote control


  • Motor 110V/400V
  • Pressure 1000 bar/2500 bar
  • Active oil cooler
  • Tankvolume 8 liter, mounted on wheels
  • Wired remote control with pressure display, wireless remote control
  • Documentation system
  • Second Pressure gauge, stainless steel tank, hose safety unit