Axial Bolting

Axial bolting enables uniform application of force and a higher accuracy of the fastening process. This bolting process guarantees torsion and friction-free operation. The axial bolting process counts both, the bolt tensioning device, and the machine element hydraulic nut. The bolt tensioning device however is applicable when a large number of the same bolts have to be tightened securely and efficiently.

The force, which is calculated in the design of the connection to contribute to the axial tensioning systems, first the retainer nut, and then the device, is screwed onto the threaded end to be clamped. By means of hydraulic pressure is introduced independent of length for connection to the pump and the calculated pre-tensioning force. On the piston surface of the tensioner and the pressure which can be read directly at a measuring instrument, the desired force is accurately determined. Once the required pressure is reached, the retaining nut is tightened to the threaded connection. The device can be removed and placed on the next bolt.