Multi-stage bolt tensioner with exchangeable tension nut

The multi-stage bolt tensioner with exchangeable tension nut is used to generate high prestressing forces using small outside diameter. This tool is mainly used in the field of turbines, large bearings and pumps. Also in many different industrial applications.

Standard design

  • Hydraulic body with turnable, fixed support sleeve
  • Drive gear, teethed nut and gearbox
  • Automatic piston return
  • Hydraulic over stroke limiter
  • Treated surfaces wear and corrosion resistant
  • Ratchet wrench to turn the hexagon nut
  • Designed to use a cordless screwdriver


  • Surfaces nickel-plated or painted
  • Different designs for the connection nipple
  • Rotatable right-angle connector
  • Cycle counter
  • Breaking cut out
  • Cordless stroke measuring