News / Events

News / Events

Conversion telephone system


Due to a changeover at the telephone system, there may be disturbances and not accessibility of our company on January 9th 2019. In this case, we would ask you to call again later.

Annual closing celebration


On December 21st, all colleagues ended 2018 with a joint celebration. After all colleagues cleaned up together in the morning, everyone met for a cosy get-together in the hall. After speeches by Mr. Schlösser and Christoph Graf, which reviewed the past year, a joint lunch followed. Afterwards, the colleagues who started at AS Tech or…

Floor in the hall completed


Work continued diligently during the company holidays as well. After the warehouse was cleared empty on the last working day, the floor could be finished there in the days off. Thank you all the colleagues who helped with this!

AS Tech at „WDR Lokalzeit“


On November 29th 2018, our managing director Julia Schlösser was seen in the „WDR Aachen Lokalzeit“. WDR had researched a contribution to the topic of “successors wanted” about the problems many companies had to find a successor. In search of a studio guest on the subject, WDR requested an interview with the AS Tech management….

AS Tech Business Vacation


In the period from December 22nd 2018 to January 1st 2019, we have business holidays. In urgent cases, we can be reached between 10am and 6pm via our service phone (0049-178 5613 244). We are optimistic about the coming New Year. Let’s make it positive together and continue to work together as successfully as we…

Maintenance Dortmund


Have you already planned the period from 20 to 21 February 2019 for Maintenance Dortmund? We would be happy to invite you to make an appointment at our booth with us. Just send me an e-mail so that you can secure your ticket to the fair today. We offer you expert advice and the re-presentation…

New building for GWS Tech


A lot has happened on the GWS construction site in recent weeks and slowly you can imagine what the whole thing should look like later. On the street, the office complex is being built, which could already be bricked up to the upper floor. The weather was fine so the work progressed quickly and the…

New building for GWS Tech


Just a few meters away from our at Leopold-Hoesch Street 6-8, a new building for GWS Tech has been being built since the beginning of September. In addition to a 400m ² hall for workshop and warehouse, 240m ² of space for offices, a meeting room, lounge, social facilities and 120m ² of basement for…

New highlights at the Hamburg trade fair


From September 25th to 28th, AS Tech and GWS Tech presented themselves together at WindEnergy Hamburg. One of the largest international wind fairs took place for the third time this year. Our colleagues were able to report on many new products and interesting conversations. Many technical discussions were held with both customers and interested parties…

ADAC driving safety training for administration


According to the technical department, the administration also completed driving safety training at the ADAC in Grevenbroich on September 3rd. A short presentation round, some hints about the process as well as a short theory part and already it took to the track for the 11-member team. There, the settings of the seat, mirror etc….