Project Planning and Consulting

As an engineering company with its own production, it is our day-to-day business to plan our production professional in terms of load factor and assignment of our staff. In doing so we have a view to deliver in due time and to observe our quality standard.

We have transferred this knowledge and the approach of the production planning to our projects. We are not only your competent contact when it comes to the technical dimensioning of your hydraulic claims. We act as your adviser, too.

The setting of time standards of our customers is the basis for our consulting and project planning: When, Where, What and How should a hydraulic system be used? In due consideration of the interfaces, we advise you which technical solutions can come into operation. Also we counsel you which time period for the production of components is necessary e.g. in consideration of continuous tests. Just as the consideration in terms of machinery and assembly time.

All developments and designs are thereby in-house implemented so that we and you have direct and immediate influence also during change requests. Our opportunity provides the construction of a single cylinder as well as an overall system design for your factory including planning of all piping and cable trays in your building. For this, all major 2D and 3D drawing formats are exchanged with our customers.

To keep the previously mentioned goal of our customers in mind, we plan on the basis of conditions, quality requirements and budget milestones, in order to guarantee our share of the success of the overall project of our customers.

Gladly we offer a professional assistance from the first idea to the completed project planning. We would like to inform you about our opportunities in the area of “service” as well as “maintenance and repair”.